I met Art Boy today!!

I finally met Art Boy 10 on CP!! He is the owner of http://cp3mythbusters.wordpress.com

Here’s his card…


We  first met at the leprechaun house where Art Boy recorded us playing our instruments. Frozen99 also painted our faces. A NEW FUNNY PIC ADDITION


Then me and Frozen99 went to his house. I played his piano (To do it. Go to any piano with keys facing backwards. Then use the drumsticks) and I played Guitar Hero while Frozen99 worked on the TV. (Also an illusion)

We finally concluded our visit by meeting at The Dock and playing our bells and whistles.

During our visit we added him as our buddy


One Response to I met Art Boy today!!

  1. cp3mythbusters says:

    Nice post man, I had a lot of fun yesterday. Whats going to be nice being friends with you this is I know when I get on there you will alway be there. Thanks man, your the best.

    P.S. I am trying to figure out how to put a animation of us playing the instraments as a widget.

    -Art Boy 10.

    (Cp 3 Mythbusters).

    Frozen99: Sorry, I cant help you with that, If I were you, I’d be trying to figure out the same thing 😛

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